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We have proven time and again with SMEs to large brands, that when you engage professional writers, you get better results. They rely on our proven methods to convert. Can we ask you a question? Could you tell me the meaning of, “supererogation” without googling it? How about “aquiline”? Ahh – huh ! You may have a good chance at that one. Maybe that’s why you are here. Having a sticky beak at what the world and your business might look like if you got this truly right? Would you like to find out how we do all of this?

“I am irritated by my own writing. I am like a violinist whose ear is true, but whose fingers refuse to reproduce precisely the sound he hears within.”

Gustave Flaubert

We understand and speak the language of your customers to make them “move into action”. What if you positioned your brand spot-on? What if you killed it and seduced them every time? Avoid the mistakes many make, and imagine a world where everything you say to your customers both delighted them and produced more sales. Who knows, they just might become brand evangelists! Our expert writers know how that works too and our clients swear by our techniques.

Hmmm. Now what if the best wordsmiths in the entire world could talk the lingo, the prose, the rhythm, the jive of your audience? Imagine if they understood the science of how your tribe decided on your brand and products/services? Not just the old “build trust and credibility” line. Come on. What have you been watching on YouTube? Our Killers and Poets understand the deep decision stack of multiple buying cohorts as diverse as Fashion to Space Rockets. From those that need to be sold technically, to emotionally, those influenced by others or stakeholders. And how to frame all of that for Professional Services businesses.

“A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Why risk sales and an increase in unsubscribes where our proven methods create that conversation, nurture it, build it ,and can even help you automate it where reason and practicality are in good measure. Or trust a pimply 21 year old…? Real Advertising and Communications tactics are a mix of old truisms and modern adapted delivery. And some killer new ideas from our creative well.

The old skool is the new school. What took you so long?

Why jeopardize one of your biggest assets being your email database? Avoid the costly mistakes many take years to master and discuss your goals with us by contacting us HERE Let us understand if you and our Killers and Poets are a match made for history. And remember, “Accountants record history. They rarely create it.” And did you also know that we are surprisingly affordable? Sometimes we even engage on a Success or Uplift percentage on our work.

We think you will fall in love with our Poets and let our Killers nail your sales. This marauding bunch come from global ecommerce sites, to scientists, to fashionistas (with a degree;-), along with CTOs and MBAs. Lets have a few choice words together and create something magical.

Who doesn’t like magic? Hmmm?