2021 Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling trends (By a 3-STAR K&P writer)

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January 4, 2022

With more people staying home in the COVID era, bathroom and kitchen remodeling trends are becoming an increasingly common area of research. Styles that increase efficiency and ease of use while improving the home’s esthetics are increasingly important to homeowners. A few of the best bath and kitchen plumbing trends are presented to help customers make informed decisions when planning kitchen or bath plumbing improvements.

A delightful addition to a bath is the stand-alone tub, bowl tub, and claw-footed tubs, which are highly popular with those in the market for bathroom plumbing remodeling. The 51” long and the 41” round tubs are now trending. Bathroom innovations also offer self-cleaning toilets, heated panels, and special lighting for customer selection.

In the kitchen, the use of technology presents one of the newest trends, which seem to be increasing. Automated smart taps with voice activation, along with appliances and lighting, are taking hold in bathroom and kitchen water system remodeling trends. Likewise, plumbing trends for the bath are inspired by the Victorian era, with heated floors and heated towel racks keeping the bath nice and comfy.

Clean is always a significant concern in the kitchen, but now homeowners are adding materials that help keep surfaces clean longer; laminate, solid surfaces, and stainless-steel countertops lead the list of easy-to-clean surfaces.

If you wish to make stylish but small changes to the bathroom or kitchen fixtures, keep in mind faucets and sink bowls can change the look of a room. These water receptors are designed in multiple shapes and are sold in a variety of colors to suit a range of decorum.

Customers might also consider a personal spa for the bath while adding elegantly designed faucets and showerheads. In addition, water filtration features, touchless faucets, and other water-saving plumbing features add value to a home.

Leak detection is a feature that saves customers thousands of dollars. Undetected leaks in kitchen or bathroom plumbing can damage walls, floors, and basement areas long before they are noticed by the human eye, causing mold and mildew, which cause health problems.

Dual showerheads provide a wider reach for the water, better flow, and easier cleaning for the general area. Multiple settings let you control the amount of pressure you want to use for cleaning, and a hand-held device lets you control the direction of the water.

Using the newest innovations to operate home plumbing fixtures in the bath or kitchen makes cooking and cleaning so much easier. In addition, homeowners find bathroom and kitchen remodeling trends leading towards health monitoring mirrors and smart scales. Also, customers want steam and walk-in showers.

Ease and relaxation seem to be the goal with today’s bathroom and kitchen plumbing remodeling trends. Customers are making use of his and her features for the bath, saunas, and bidets. For the kitchen, pot fillers and hot water dispensers are pretty handy in any home.

Staying abreast of the newest kitchen and bathroom plumbing remodeling options helps homeowners keep their property aligned with the latest building trends. Therefore, if they decide to sell, the home is ready for the market with a high sales value.